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September 2016 - Rain and Falling Walls

posted 8 Oct 2016, 23:28 by Simon Morgan

The much awaited rains arrived and it is more than two weeks now still continues!
In many parts of Hyderabad it caused much damages and ruins. On a fine morning, on necklace road people saw a big well formed in the middle of the road.This was between the lake and NTR park in city. The basement of some big residential flats were immersed in flood water so that the people could not come out for a day.

In Moinabad, first, the portion of the wall behind the herbal garden was collapsed and yesterday the wall behind the Dorea fell off  about 20'' in length. Because it fell to the other side, we have to clear it soon so that the neighbour's access to their backyard is clear. This work is being started today.

I'll be sending some pictures and details soon today.

Thanking you, YBIC, Mathews.