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Quarterly Report May 2017

posted 11 May 2017, 15:10 by Simon Morgan
The Telangana govt. decided to conduct the annual school examinations in March itself, the children were busy preparing for the examinations. This year, we have only Pooja to appear for the school final( 10th Class) examination. Benhur, Peter, Hanna & Ruth are doing the Intermediate 1st year examination.
 Initially the govt. planned to conduct classes for the next academic year from April but they declined as the summer heat waved between 40 and 42 degrees. The students were advised to remain at home. So all our children are at home for the summer holidays.

The examination reports also were published early this year. Pooja passed the 10 th class, Hanna, Ruth & Peter passed inter 1st year. Benhur lost 4 subjects which he will appear again in June, to continue the second year. Anusha is continuing the Masters in Social work. All other school going children have  passed and promoted to the next class. Betsica and Shirisha are working as probationers in the care hospital in city. 

Among the maintenance work, the Elvira house overhead tank was a priority as it started leaking through the walls of the building which affected the electrical wirings and installations. There were two options 1. To
demolish the brick walls of the tank and replace it with PVC water tank  2. To re-plaster the inner walls of the tank. We opted for the second option and did a plastering of the inner walls and floor of the tank with steel net reinforcement. The office room prayer hall section has the roofing done properly.

Cyril of Dorea had his wedding engagement to a Keralite nurse working in Hyderabad at the Girl’s hometown in Kerala on the 20th of April 2017. The marriage was conducted on 29th April  in Hyderabad. About 60 relatives from Kerala from both sides attended the wedding.