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Quarterly Report,February.2017

posted 22 Feb 2017, 22:39 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 22 Feb 2017, 22:54 ]
The end of the year becomes a very busy time for all related to the homes. For children, the quarterly examinations usually should finish before Christmas. Preparations for the Christmas celebrations is another excitement for all. More than all these, the Bible truth camp held at the homes at the end of the year is a big event. The Hyderabad Ecclesia and the homes jointly organise the meetings for brethren
from many Ecclesias in the state and their interested friends. There will be a main Bible talk and first principle classes for contacts during the three days of the camp. This is also a great opportunity for the youngsters to meet together and enjoy Christadelphian Youth activities.

This year, we missed our overseas visitors to the homes, but our Dorea home young people raised to the situation and prepared the children for a beautiful Christmas programme on the 23rd of December. They presented a play "JESUS OUR SUPER HERO". Afterward dinner was served for the children and our friends from the village. On 18th of Dec. the Dorea members hoisted a special family lunch for both Dorea ans Charis where Bro. Tim and Sis. Sarah Galbraith were special guests.

The youngsters also took initiative in looking after the truth camp from 29th Dec. 2016 to the 1st of Jan.2017. On the 31st night we had a mid night meditation and prayer to mark the beginning of the New year. As the
1st Jan. was Sunday, the Ecclesial memorial meeting was held in Moinabad after 8 baptisms of young people. Susanna from Moinabad homes was baptised on this occasion and was received into fellowship.

The Moinabad homes has stood as a mark of Christadelphian identity in the village all these years with the support of Brethren worldwide through the CICH Committee in Sydney. Now we are happy to see the young people come forward to show interest in continuing the services.

The demonetisation of large IR bank notes imposed by the Govt. of India had restricted cash transactions through the banks for a few months. As our Home account could not hold a card, we had to do transactions through personal debit cards for some time. By the Grace of God we were able to manage the
expenses of the homes during the period. Now the Government is relaxing the rules gradually. In any circumstances, our comfort is that "The Most High rules over the kingdoms of men".

Myself, Lillykutty, Prakash and Sahaya with a few children paid a visit to Claudia and Suman in January.

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers for the continuance of this great ministry.

Yours in the service of The Lord, Mathews P Jacob.