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Quarterly Report - November 2016

posted 6 Nov 2016, 12:24 by Simon Morgan
After the long wait, the monsoon arrived in August and continued for a month. The agricultural fields around which were barren for a couple of years woke up with new greenery and the farmers’ presence. Many deep bore-wells began to fill and yield water. The water supply tanker trucks began to disappear from the streets. After a long drought, Telangana soil has a new life now.

At the homes, our old bore-wells began to yield water. The rain water harvest pits did
its job very well. The main bore-well gives good pressure to fill the overhead tanks. Some parts of the old compound wall were partly damaged due to heavy downpour for a couple of days. The one which faces the village road was repaired immediately. Others are being attended according to priority.

Now all the school going children are in Loyola High school in the Village, walk-able distance from the homes so transport is not a worry at all. Those who have completed the high school use the public transport to go to the city institutions. Betsica and Shirisha are doing their General Nursing final examinations which will finish in a few days and they will join a six months intern-ship at the hospital which runs the nursing school. With the completion of the intern-ship, they will graduate as general nurses eligible to work in a hospital. Joanna and Susanna have joined for a Cardiac technician course at the Care Institute of Medical Studies in Hyderabad. It is a two year course conducted in the hospital which will enable them to work as assistants to doctors in Hospitals and Medical diagnostic centres. They and the Junior college students (Benhur, Hannah, Ruth and Peter) travel daily from Moinabad to Hyderabad by public Bus. Anusha has started a post graduate course in Social work which started in August. Sunitha who was doing her Post Graduate degree in Nursing is completing her examinations next week. She will re-join her work after the examinations. 

In September, we had a staff training programme on Child protection policies conducted by Miss Tanya Lamba, a research scholar from The Tata Institute of social sciences, Mumbai.  
All the staff of Moinabad homes and Shunem home attended the training.

Recently Abigail Clara, who was one among the twenty in the Dorea home, visited the home with her husband and her daughter. She is working in Israel as a home nurse at a nursing home. Rebecca and her husband too make phone calls at times. All the married children of the Dorea home had a gathering with their children in Moinabad recently. As they consider Dorea home as their Family home, they are planning for another gathering during December 2016. We are looking forward to see all our children and grandchildren together on that occasion. 

All these are made possible by the GRACE OF OUR GOD and the generous contributions and encouragement of our brethren around the world. We Thank our Heavenly Father and all his loving Children, our brethren for supporting us in this ministry.

Your Brother In Christ, Mathews.