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Prakash has been Found!

posted 22 Aug 2017, 23:12 by Simon Morgan
From: Mathews Jacob <>
Subject: Re: Prakash
Date: 23 August 2017 at 1:57:00 pm AEST
To: Simon Morgan <>
Cc: tim <>

Dear Bro.Simon & All,
Praise to GOD Almighty.

Yesterday (22-08-017) the owner of the tent hiring service in Moinabad happened to go near Niloufer Childrens' Hospital in Hyderabad. He saw Prakash sitting on the roadside. He had Prakash's phone number as we used to hire his Shamiyana for our functions. Immediately he informed Prakash. Ravi (Shunem) and Prakash were already in Hyderabad on official duties. They rushed to the spot. In the meantime , the tent man had provided some drinking water and snacks to Prakash. When Ravi held his hand to lift him up, first he refused. When Ravi and Prakash offered tea, he immediately got up and had tea at a nearby shop and asked for juice. 

In the picture he is seen sitting on the roadside with a towel on his lap. There were two small liquor bottles near where he sat. He had 20 rupees and a train ticket in his pocket. The train ticket was taken from
Vikarabad station, which is 48 kms from Moinabad. But the train goes to Hyderabad and the spot where he was sitting was near the Railway station. He had a railway catering man's uniform shirt and two over coats on it and had clean shave a day before. By the way he sat on the roadside, I suspect whether he was begging. Ravi and Prakash informed us immediately and we prepared a special lunch for all gathered at home (Christy, Samson & Veena, Prakash& Ravi, Pastor neighbour etc) at our rented place. The first thing he asked Lillykutty was food.
Any way she gave him a hot water bath and then we all had lunch together and then followed by a thanksgiving prayer lead by our neighbour Pastor who also spent several nights driving around with us in search of Prakash. Prakash was healthy and smiling remembering all his adventures. He said he saw films in theatres, had regular meals at festival places, had haircut and shaving all free of cost. It seems he was enjoying his trip for the last three months. 

As soon as he finished his lunch, he wanted to go to Moinabad with Christy on his bike. But we had to take him to the Police to close the missing case. As the inspector was on another duty, we were asked to produce Prakash before him today.  In Moinabad, the Sarpanch and his young friends
informed me that they are waiting to give a reception for Prakash and requested me to inform them as soon as he starts from our residence. By evening Christy took him to Moinabad. Carol suggested to tattoo our home address on his hand for future safe return in case he wants to do a second round after some time. He had lost his glasses so a new one has to be brought. 

We need to think of a new work environment for him with good security.Right now we are about to leave to the Police station to finish the formalities there. May be we can put a thanksgiving ad in the same channel through which we requested for information. 

We were literally on our knees in prayer at least three times a day for the last two weeks for Prakash's return and generally for the future of our children. The GREAT GOD  answered our prayers after three months. We continue to pray for the homes so that we are able to continue the ministry through serving the needy children and we are sure that God will provide the resources as long as he wants this to continue.Special thanks to the tent house operator, Prakash & Ravi for their quick action.  

A few pictures are attached.

Thanks to all our brotherhood for the earnest prayers and supports.

Yours in His service, Mathews.