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CICH Quarterly Report - October 2017 - January 2018

posted 4 Feb 2018, 01:43 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 4 Feb 2018, 02:20 ]
Sadly our report begins with the news that dear Salome Grace has died at the age of 32 years old on Wednesday 31st of January 2018.  Salome grew up in the home, was married and leaves behind two children aged 8 months and 3 years old.  Dealing with the circumstances surrounding Salome's death and ensuring appropriate arrangements are made for her surviving children is traumatic for everyone connected with the home.  At this most difficult time, please join the CICH committee, the Shaftesbury Road ecclesia and many others who are praying for God's blessing on our dear Moinabad family.

Happenings During January Visit

The October to January quarter is always busy at the home, and this year has been no different.  Children participated in end of year activities and an end of year camp was held, culminating in a baptism on New Years' Day and further baptisms at the Bible School mid-January.  Bev & Simon Morgan, of the CICH committee, visited the home from mid January accompanied by Katie Riley (nee Morgan) and Jacqui Gorman.  What follows are a few anecdotes from Bev.

"Katie and I got to bed after midnight after 17 hours in transit. Early the next morning it was straight to the second day of Bible School.  Worshipping Indian style involves a lot of noise!
Often older westerners not used to Indian ways are desperately trying to get amplifiers turned down or sit themselves as far away from speakers as they can. One brother sat there with his fingers in his ears! God knows though what is in their hearts and seen through the right lens, this
 is inspiring.

We met this couple for the first time 2 years ago where we sat with them for over 10 hours sharing and teaching the
gospel of Christ. Now both have returned to Bible school with a new little addition, as fellow believers.

The most exciting thing about returning to India, is seeing the growth of the children we have committed ourselves to nurturing. The older family, over the past few years have been growing in maturity and choosing their life's partners. It's amazing to watch boys who have struggled through their 20s finding beautiful girls, both Christadelphian and other Christians. Interestingly though, the girls themselves have been so influenced by the family community that their attendance at the meeting, with their new husbands, has been inspiring. I am in awe of  a couple of the girls, who have managed to put together a contingent of 'sister-in-laws' to head down to sisters' conference in Bangalore at the end of the month. There are so many ways to preach. Showing Christ's love and compassion to another human being could well be one of the most effective.

Children all over the world seem to master technology quicker than I do. This little one knows exactly what he's doing with a mobile. Very impressed with his dress sense.
We saw quite a few impeccable outfits over the course of the Bible School.

On our last lunch in Hyderabad, Christy, one of the children who is a Social Worker, took us to a restaurant he was instrumental in setting up, where all the waiters are blind. You have to leave anything that could potentially reflect light in a locker. Then you have a 45 min sensory experience in complete blackness with a blind guide where there is only sound,
smell and touch. Katie scored 10 runs in cricket. The ball had a rattle in it! Then we all ate our dinner again served by blind people. In the dark! Not even a suggestion of light. A truly incredible experience. There is an all deaf restaurant in Mumbai."

A New Chapter Begins

In September 2017, the Indian government imposed new rules and regulations for the operation of children's homes in India that had effect from 1st December 2017.  CICWS reviewed these new rules and regulations and concluded that it was impractical to continue operating the children's home and made appropriate arrangements for the six children aged 13 to 17 years old who could not legally make their own choice about where to live.  By choosing not to register as a children's home by 30th November CICWS indicated to the Indian government that they would no longer be operating the Moinabad facility as a children's home.  Subsequent to this date a government inspector visited the site to confirm that it had in fact ceased operations.

The CICH committee in Australia has been working very closely with the CICWS committee in India to plan future operations.  Once finalised, these plans will be communicated to all individual and ecclesial supporters.  CICH and CICWS committees are praying for God's guidance as we consider the best use of resources that have been entrusted to us by the worldwide Christadelphian community.  It is expected that future plans will be communicated within the next 8 weeks.

Please pray for the Moinabad family as they continue to serve God in India.