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2016 February

posted 8 Oct 2016, 21:36 by Christadelphian Indian Children's Home

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Moinabad Christadelphian family.

Water problems have once again arisen at the home. Access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing becomes harder year by year. Water for the home, village and surrounding rural properties is via bore wells.

A bore well is simply a 20cm / 8" hole drilled into the ground into which a long cylindrical submersible pump is lowered. Once submersed in water, the electric pump draws from the water table to the surface the required water. Twelve years ago the bore well needed to be less than 30m / 100ft deep. Poor rainfall and increased demands on the water table mean deeper wells are needed. A new well had to be drilled in December 2015 that is over 275m / 900ft deep. Because of the depth, a new high powered pump was required. This work was quite expensive but absolutely necessary.
As always, we need to join in prayer with our Moinabad family in praying for sufficient rains to adequately recharge the water table.

End of year was busy as usual. Bro Nick Morgan wrote this year's play which told the story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of the Bethlehem inn keeper and his family. Over 250 visitors from the village and other places came to see the children's performance which was an amazing proclamation of their faith in the saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone remained after the play to share a meal of Hyderabad chicken Biryani.

Please enjoy this short video about end of year.

YouTube Video

Over December and January The Morgan family, (Simon, Bev, Nick, Scott, Katie and Jack) and Sis Jacqui Gorman were honoured to spend Christmas and New Year at Moinabad. The Moinabad family were especially eager to meet Scott's new wife Tamar, Katie's new husband Jordan and Jack's girlfriend Eve, who also came to help at the home.

The end of year Truth Camp between Christmas and New Year was once again well attended. Bible talks were led by Bro. Greg Hurn, Bro. Nick Morgan, Bro. Mark Morgan and Bro. Simon Morgan. The highlight of the camp was the 10 baptisms on New Years’ Day, including Eve Ivan of Lismore, NSW (Jack's girlfriend). We pray for God's blessing on all of our new brothers and sisters in Christ as they begin their journey towards the kingdom of God.

Life in India is not easy and these children need our constant prayers. Please pray that God will continue to be with them in the challenges that they face daily.

Your brother in Christ, Simon Morgan - Chairman, Christadelphian Indian Children's Home