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2016 April

posted 8 Oct 2016, 21:41 by Christadelphian Indian Children's Home

As the summer heat became so severe, the school examinations were scheduled to finish by the end of March. The government had ordered the schools to start the next academic year's lessons in April to fill the time, but later declined due to the heat and the drought situation. The heatwave is so severe that children had to stay indoors most of the time during the day. Now from the 23rd April the Hyderabad Christadelphian VBS starts and the children will leave early in the morning by 6.30 and come back by 11.30 for lunch.

In Charis home, two girls, Joanna & Susanna did intermediate supplementary exams and they are waiting for the results. The four leaving high school are Benhur, Peter, Ruth & Hanna. They too are waiting for their results. So far no plans have been made for the holidays due to confusion regarding the summer classes at school. Now due to the high temperature, the summer school does not function, children will be on vacation after the VBS. The 10th class results are very important for the 4 children to plan for their future course of studies. It so happened last year that the children who failed in the intermediate exams were on tour at the time the results were published and they did not get time to prepare for the supplementary exams and finally they attempted but failed. From next academic year we do not have any school going children to travel to city school. All the remaining high school students are in the local school. So the daily drive of a vehicle to the city is not necessary.

The summer heat has affected the trees & plants in the compound. The new bore-well supplies water for the two homes but the general situation is not very encouraging. Some of the bore-wells in the village were deepened further to get sufficient water for the village by the Panchayat. 

We can see the public around every bore-well in the mornings and evenings with cans and pots to collect water in their turn. So far we are comfortable with our supply of water and the domestic filtering systems for drinking water. At times we buy drinking water. This is not only the condition at the homes but of all over the area.

There are a few outstanding works that should be done for the physical environment.

1. The compound wall at some places is damaged and should be repaired.

2. A good capacity underground water storage should be built to store sufficient water from the bore-well, with a separate pumping system to supply water to all the buildings.

3. As we have done for the last few years, we need more rainwater harvest pits properly made to harvest maximum water during the next monsoon.

Generally everything goes well at the moment. Thanking you, for the Moinabad Christadelphian Homes, Mathews.