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2015 May

posted 1 Jul 2016, 22:09 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 22:09 ]

Part A - Bro Mathews Report: 

Always the new year is marked with our year-end gathering and baptisms in Moinabad. Meeting with many brothers and sisters from different parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is quite an experience. Newly baptised members from the rural ecclesias really enjoyed meeting with the regular Moinabad brothers and

sisters along with those who visit from overseas countries. The truth camp starts in December and ends on the 1st day of January in the new year. Though the local brethren leave the premise, we have a few of our overseas visitors staying in Moinabad in January.

This year, we had Aunty Jacqui staying with us and helping in the studies of children. Bringing children into the school and study mood is a good job which our Aunty Jacqui does easily.

We had a tough time towards the end of February when we realised that our Sunder had to undergo a surgery for i

ntestinal Carcinoma which involved the rectum. Further discussions with the doctors, investigations and biopsy were done to verify the case. Finally Sunder had to go for major surgery in a good hospital. As a matter of fact, he had to undergo further treatment to rule out the possibility of recurrence of the condition. The prayer and supports given by the brotherhood, and the encouragement from the Sydney committee were tremendous that we were able to go through all these difficult times. At present he is staying close to Bro Tim Galbraith's office so that he can stay involved in ecclesial activities and also help in mission activities to keep himself busy.

April-May is the examination time. Lalitha (Aaron) and her brother Subhakar who is an engineering graduate spent much time to help children with difficult subjects and in the supervision of study hours. Because of them we had regular feedback about the improvements in studies.

The four children who are going into the 10th class next academic year is a matter of concern because their further education will depend on the marks obtained in the 10th grade(High school leaving certificate). So from the middle of May we have arranged advance preparations for class 10.

The water situation in the village remains the same with low yields from bore-wells, but we are managing. All are doing well by the grace of the Heavenly Father. Thanks to all for the help and support. Yours in The Service, Mathews.

Part B - Urgent Appeal for Sunder 29th March - 4th April 2015 - Completed Fund Raising : 

Sunder, who grew up in the children's home, needed help and the community responded. Within 5 days of making an appeal for Sunder, our community has covered him with prayer and financial support.

So many wonderful brothers and sisters responded with such sensitive messages of support and encouragement for Sunder.

Many a tear has been shed whilst reading messages of love and comfort.

Our appeal target has been exceeded which is wonderful as additional funds can be provided to Sunder should medical costs exceed original expectations. Quite a few donors also indicated that they are happy for funds to be used generally if the target is exceeded which is excellent.

It is humbling, indeed overwhelming, to see God working through so many in our community to meet the needs of others. The speed and extent of support reflects the wonderfully instinctive response to need that God inspires in faithful followers.

No further financial donations are required at this stage to cover Sunder's medical bills. However, we all need to keep him in our prayers as he deals with the physical and emotional challenges ahead.

Please also continue to remember the work of the Children's home in your prayers. This work has continued for over 30 years due to the incredibly faithful support provided by our community for those in need in India. Your brother in Christ, Simon Morgan

Part C - Praise in the Park 2015: 

CICH was again asked to fill a stand at the annual Praise in the Park event that is organised by the Sydney Christadelphian Young People. Organisers gave us an excellent position this year, immediately to the left of

the main stage resulting in many people seeing our signage and coming over for a chat.

We were also given two brief segments to speak over an open microphone about the home and also about our special appeal for Sunder.

It is wonderful to have a presence at this event and ensure that CICH stays in the consciousness of our community and increases the likelihood of community support for our requests for assistance.

Part D - Birthday Wishes: 

Bro Eric Vandenbergh has been a faithful supporter of the home for many years and he recently celebrated his 99th birthday. Best wishes and thanks for his support were sent by way of a short video from the children which can be seen by clicking on the following video image.

YouTube Video