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2015 December

posted 8 Oct 2016, 21:26 by Christadelphian Indian Children's Home
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Moinabad Christadelphian family.

End of year is a busy time for the children in Moinabad. Why? School five and half days a week, plus preparing for the end of year presentation night, plus preparing for end of year Sunday School night, plus dealing with the arrival of 10+ visitors from Australia makes things very busy. But the children love it. Good school reports are proudly displayed to all the visitors, lines for the play are diligently memorised, songs are rehearsed just before daily reading time and they love the novelty of watching visitors eat "spicy" (ie hot chilli) flavoured food which induces sweat from one's scalp.

The end of year presentation on 23rd December at the children's home in Moinabad is a very "big deal" for the children of the home. The children's school teachers, the Hyderabad ecclesia and the whole village are invited to come and see their play, songs and dances. Usually 200 - 300 people attend, many of whom are not Christian. So the presentation is a wonderful opportunity for the home to share its faith and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please enjoy this short video about end of year preparations.

YouTube Video

Thankyou to all those Ecclesias and individual brothers and sisters who have supported the home throughout the year. Your love and support is truly a blessing from God, for which we are all so thankful. Please remember our children from Moinabad in your prayers. We pray for a blessing on all of those who have supported the home at this end of year, as we enjoy time with our families.

On behalf of the children and parents of the Christadelphian Indian Children's Home, your brother and sisters in Christ, Simon & Bev Morgan and Jacqui Gorman.