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2015 August

posted 8 Oct 2016, 20:59 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 8 Oct 2016, 21:05 ]

Midsummer is the time when people prefer to remain indoors. The time of work in the field is adjusted to avoid the midday severe heat. Towards the end of the season, one or two rains come and the temperature drops down. A couple of rains were received and the temperature dropped, but the rains did not continue to recharge the bore wells. After the normal monsoon season which did not yield much, now the rains are a distant dream. The local authorities (Panchayat) are very kind to instruct the waterman to release water for our two homes every day from 12 midnight to 2 am from the public bore well. Still there are some areas in our district where water is available from bore wells. In spite of the draught, from the month of June Lillykutty and Sahaya started preparing for their vegetable gardens one on the roof top and the other in the open ground. They use only bio-fertilisers and they started yielding fresh veggies.

Solomon Sunder had 5 cycles of radiation as part of his cancer treatment and he is back on the chemotherapy, the third being completed. He appears physically well and is slowly

adjusting to the new lifestyle.

The schools were reopened in June. There are four children to appear for school final exams this academic year. We have provided a special tutor at home to provide assistance in studies. Beulah Suhasini graduated in her Nursing and started working in a

maternity hospital in Hyderabad.

Karol and Diana had their first baby (girl) Liana in May and Salome and David had their baby (boy) in July. Salome had a caesarian section and she and the baby are in Moinabad for a few months so that Lillykutty can help with the new baby. According to the custom, it is the girl's family to take care of the mother and child for the first three months. The mother and child have special herbal baths and medications as part of antenatal care. Salome's husband visits regularly. On the

21st day
there is naming ceremony when the baby is put in the cradle for the first time. David is organising this at their home and we are invited.

Christians are a minority in this country. It is the same in Moinabad. The established church (Methodist) and a couple of independent churches in the village are comprised of poor families and ordinary labourers. In this village, the majority are Muslims and Hindus. In spite of all these what makes us stand as a respectful entity in this village is

THE GRACE AND PROVIDENCE OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and the continuous support and prayers of our brotherhood all over the world. Each time the Sydney committee communicates to us, we feel the love and concern of our brethren and that strengthens us greatly.

Gratefully yours in the Service, Mathews.