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2014 November

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:59 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:59 ]

July passed without giving the much expected rains and the water situation has worsened further. We are praying for rains. There was expectation of rains in August and September, but very little rain came. In

the meantime, the existing bore-well of Dorea which is 210 ft deep failed - it no longer provides any water.

Urgently we had to drill a bore which went very deep, 455 ft deep which provided a water flow in a 1 inch water pipe. Again we have made all

arrangements for rain water harvesting to keep the bore active.

Beulah is preparing for her nursing degree examination in November. Christy, soon after his completion of his post graduate study in Social work (specialising in mental health), joined as a trainee manager in a rehabilitation centre for physically challenged run by a leading pharmaceutical

company based in Hyderabad. His area of duty is Mumbai and Poona in Maharashtra. Christy's job is to organise training and rehabilitation of physically challenged. He is the youngest among the managers and we are so proud of him. He is able to visit home once a month.

Two important events happened during this quarter, the marriages of Salome Grace and Benjamine James. Salome

and Benjamine both grew up in the Moinabad home and it truely a blessing from God to see them independent and starting families of their own. Salome is married to David of Hyderabad who is working in the Agricultural university as a contract supervisor. Salome continues to work in at the Christadelphian Shunem home as an Ayurvedic therapist.

Benjamine is married to Sister Santhoshi from the state of Karnataka. She is a tailor by profession and Benjamine continues to work as a machine assistant at a printing unit in Hyderabad. Benjamine and Santhoshi have rented a small house in Moinabad villege.

Brother Prakash, who is responsible for the younger family in home, recently had a severe back injury. After

a month’s bed rest with hip traction, he feels relieved of his backpain and will be back in his job soon. His next visit to the doctor for review is on 13th November. He hopes to join work after the review. Please join with us in prayer for his full recovery.

Expecting late monsoon, we had prepared the available land for gardening and did some at the commencement of some

rainfall but later we had to leave it as the monsoon failed. Now the main concern is drinking water. Generally Moinabad's groundwater is estimated to be close to 500 ft underground. We are still praying for good rains.

The newly admitted children, Hemalatha, Pranavi and Akash have adjusted well to the new envioronment.

We Thank the Heavenly Father for all the goodness we are receiving. Also we thank the Brotherhood for all the support and helps. Yours in the service, Mathews.