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2014 January

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:49 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:49 ]

The end of year is always a busy time for The Children’s Home. Preparations begin early for the visitors who will arrive to help out with end of year programs, truth camps and Bible Schools.

The end of November marked an exciting time for Moinabad homes with the arrival of two new children. Pranavi (10 years) and Akash (7 years) were orphaned a few years ago when their parents were murdered. An unmarried uncle who had been caring for them, has now decided to get married and does not want the extra burden of the children.

Thankfully, these two beautiful children have been taken off the streets and into the family, to be loved and supported by

Prakash and Sahaya and eleven brothers and sisters.

The Morgan family were honoured to spend Christmas and New Year at Moinabad basking in the warm hospitality given by Mathews and Lily, Prakash and Sahaya. Bev, Katie and Jack arrived early in December and were immediately thrown into a hectic schedule of play rehearsals culminating in the Moinabad Christmas Program on 23 December. Simon, Scott, Jess Powell and Nikki Fenger arrived on 19 December and were invaluable in their contribution to the drama. The home opened its gates to over 400

people. Wendy Thompson’s puppets were a hit, along with a beautiful Christian Telegu dance performed by the girls.

With only 2.3% Christianity, Christmas in India becomes a significant time for outreach. The Children’s Home, in addition to its regular activities, attends Christmas programs at schools, the Leper Program, the Leper Colony, Shunem Homes and the medical hospital in the village, presided over by Dr Luke, whose association with the Homes has been long and inspirational.

The end of year Truth Camp between Christmas and New Year was well attended. Bible talks were led by Bro. Simon Morgan and Bro. Andrew Fitch (UK). The highlight was the 10 baptisms on New Years’ Day,

although Jack may argue that the New Years’ Eve fireworks came a close second.

Simon, Bev, Katie, Nikki and Jess headed down to Kerala for a few days in January with Lily and Mathews, to meet their families and to share a brief ‘holiday’ with them. Wherever we went, we were met with welcoming smiles and more food than we could eat. We didn’t get to ride on an elephant but stood close enough to touch it. A night on a houseboat was a great experience, as was attending the first birthday party of Ancy Mol, Abigail Clara’s first daughter.

On arriving home, we were immediately thrown into another Bible School, this time held at the C3 Centre adjacent to the home of Tim and Sarah Galbraith. The Moinabad children are very involved in their work as translators. Katie, Jess and Nikki were pushed way beyond their comfort zones by leading discussion groups on topics such as “Temptation”, “Forgiveness” and “Marriage Roles”.

We have just received wonderful news that Benjamine has become engaged to a lovely Christadelphian girl who lives about three hours south of Hyderabad. The marriage is planned for September. The Moinabad children continue to thrive in this unique family environment. Many of the older ones who are already baptised are making life-long decisions regarding careers and marriage, whilst the younger ones are busy studying, as well as spending hours helping out with the daily chores. Life in India is not easy and these children need our constant prayers that God will continue to be with them in the challenges that they face daily.