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2012 May-Jul

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:38 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:39 ]

It was found good for us to have school holidays in May as the temperature in Hyderabad reaches the peak, 45-46 degrees Celsius, and the drought situation goes to the maximum with our bore well water level touches the bottom level.

To add to that, the power cut in the villages (including Moinabad ) extends to 6 to 8 hours a day. Our emergency power supply also starts blinking at the end of the Day. Spending the holidays down in the south gave us much relief.

This year all the girls who are working yet living at the home wanted to have their holidays with the family. Beulah, Claudia, Sheela and Sunitha joined with the family to go down to Kerala. The visit ended with the Kerala Bible week from 26th to 31st May 2012. Some of us could visit Abigail’s family which was close to the Bible Week venue. During the Bible week, Abigail expressed her desire to come back to her work in Hyderabad. During our visit, the children could visit a home for tribal children run by one of our contacts. We stayed at the home for a da

y and visited the nearby forest centre where the Govt. has an Elephant training centre. In Kerala, Elephants are used to pull huge tree trunks from the interior forests.

We returned on 4th of June to reach Moinabad on the 5th. The schools started the new academic year on the 12th of June. The children from Charis go to the same St. Anthony’s School in the town, and the school bus starts every morning from Moinabad homes. Susanna and Joanna are in 10th class and we have arranged special coaching for them at home. Evening study hours are supervised by our grown up youngsters. There is considerable improvement in their studies with this new arrangement. Rebecca failed two subjects in her final examination for B.Com and she is preparing for her supplementary exams in September. Christy passed his BSW and is now specializing in Mental Health Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. So he is away from the Home now staying in a Christian Hostel. This is one of the renowned institutes in Asia. The first thing that impressed Christy was that in their campus - discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, economic status, language or colour is strictly forbidden. Elizabeth is working in a hospital as a nursing assistant and at the same time is doing a degree course in Biotechnology. Shirisha, Anusha and Bethsica are in the second year of Intermediate course.

Due to the insufficient rains this season, the government has declared more power cuts in the coming months. We had a few rains and we hope to get more. Any waste from the kitchen is channeled to gardening. Maximum rainwater is harvested in our compound. The solar water heater is working very well. The Charis wall dampness was detected and it was corrected. The batteries of the one emergency system at Dorea was replaced and the others may need a replacement in 6 months according to the technician.

Lillykutty will go for the surgery of her second eye on Thursday 2nd Aug. As Tim’s office is now shifted to the new premises near his residence, Prakash and little Prakash can reach the office in 20 minutes. Both Benjamin and Stephen are working at the offset printing unit in Hyderabad. Negotiation for another set of housing plots is in progress for the children's’ inheritance purchase.

We thank the brotherhood for the continued help, encouragements and prayers for this special ministry and earnestly request for your prayers for the strength from above.

In The Service of Our Master, 31-07-2012, Your Brother, Mathews. Moinabad.