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2012 May

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:36 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:36 ]

Dear Brothers&Sisters, Greetings in the great and saving name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The month of March for children is the end of their academic year and for me the end of the financial year.

So for us at the homes it is a time of revisions and planning. In Dorea home, Rebecca and Christy had their

final examinations and Cyril had his last but one semester examination. They all are waiting for their results. In Charis home, Betsica, Shirisha and Anusha had 1st year intermediate exams and all others did their school exams. Anusha lost in accountancy and she is preparing for her supplementary exams in May. All others passed to the next level.

Christy had appeared for a written test for his Post Graduate in social work at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai and he passed and was invited for interview and group discussions in which he had an excellent performance to secure admission to the leading institute of India. He is still awaiting his final degree results but is asked to join the course this month. So he is leaving to Mumbai tomorrow to confirm the admission.

Abigail, employed as staff Nurse in a hospital in Hyderabad, had a marriage proposal from a young brother from Kerala, who belongs to a Christadelphian family, employed in Saudi Arabia and the family members came to discuss of the marriage on March 27th and finalised the marriage on the 19th of April. As

it was children's examination time, we had to arrange the wedding in Kerala where only a few of us could attend the wedding function. She was married on 19th April 2012. Now she is at the husband’s home in Kerala. This was the second Christadelphian marriage in Kerala during the past 28 years. She is planning to migrate to Saudi Arabia with her husband for work.

We have a spacious 10 seater van in exchange of the Quails Jeep for an additional payment of Rs. 180,000/- rupees. Joram, who is settled in Kurnool district about 300 kms from Hyderabad, purchased 7 cents of land with his inheritance fund from the homes. Samson is working as a supervisor at the Christadelphian Bible conference centre. Recently he had a surgical operation to remove renal calculi and is recovering.

Sunder Solomon moved to Hyderabad city for work. Again there is an opportunity for our children to help in the annual Bible week down in Kerala from 26th to 31st May 2012. Bro Babychen and Sis Pushpa have agreed to look after the premises during these days of our absence. This holidays also will help to overcome the water scarcity during this summer.

The Heavenly Father has kept us safe and healthy all these days by his grace and mercy through Christ Jesus! Thank you very much for the love and blessings our brotherhood share with us.

Your Brother In Christ, Mathews.P.Jacob.