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2012 Aug-Oct

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:40 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:40 ]

Many many greetings in the Saving Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The arrival of two more young girls to the homes made everybody happy. Pooja came from a government welfare hostel where she had accommodation during school days. However, during school holidays, she had no home to go to. As her mother was from a lower caste, when Pooja's mother died, the father’s family did not accept her. Pooja does not know her mother’s relatives. At the welfare hostel, there was a young lady teacher who taught Pooja how to pray to the Living God of the Bible. She is admitted in a nearby English

medium school and she made an excellent progress during the past few months. Her teachers are very proud of her and they are planning to give her a double promotion next year. At home, she loves to read the Bible at our evening family prayers.

THemalatha (Latha) was an abandoned child. She doesn’t know who her father is. What she thinks of her mother is that she doesn’t want her. From early childhood Latha was sent to a hostel and only on holidays she stayed at the mother’s employers. She doesn’t know any of her relatives. She started very unsure at the homes. As she is admitted in the English medium school, where Pooja attends, everything is new for her. The two arrivals at Charis makes the Charis number to 11.

Cyril is doing his last semester for Physiotherapy course. Elizabeth is working and studying. Rebecca had her supplementary exams last week. Sunder and Stephen visit every weekend. Sunder, who is staying in the city, visits regularly every weekend for a day’s stay.

The Sunday meetings are shifted to Kismathpur where Tim and Sarah are settled. For us ,this will save a lot of time taken for travel and save a long journey on Sundays. The present place is about 15 Kms from Moinabad. The Sunday school also will be shifted to the new place from tomorrow.

There was an electrical supply problem last month which damaged some wirings and equipment. This happened after a transformer in the village was changed. We hired an electrician to look at the wirings and he changed all the old damaged wirings in Dorea and Charis. The inverter is repaired and batteries changed. We may need a change of power lines in the Elvira house soon.

The compound wall facing the village road near Charis home has a huge crack and it needs repair.The storage room of Charis kitchen needs to be expanded as the two boys need separate sleeping place. At present one of the bedrooms is used as store room for food articles. Yours in the Service, YBIC, Mathews