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2011 Jul

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:26 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:26 ]

There was uncertainty in Hyderabad among the educational institutions towards the end of the academic year( March) as an agitation was going on for a separate Statehood for Hyderabad and surrounding districts.

This region is called Telengana. The university campuses in Hyderabad witnessed troubles during the year. Anyway, the political activists stopped agitations in March so that the examinations could be conducted

smoothly. By the end of April, all the examinations were over. From late April to end of May, there was holidays. There were two Bible weeks during the summer vacation, one in Bangalore and another in Kerala.

Rebecca, Susanna and myself attended the Bangalore Bible week in early May and we proceeded to Kerala and waited for the others to join us for the Kerala Bible week. Both Bible weeks had Tim Galbraith as the main speaker and I did a study on the “Beast Symbols" from the books of Daniel and Revelation. As our children know Malayalam, the Kerala Bible week committee had requested their active participation in the youth activities. The days before and after the Bible week, children had sightseeing tours in Trivandrum which is the southernmost city of Kerala.The Bible week was conducted at a centre close to the famous beach in Kerala. Almost daily we went to swim in the sea.

Children enjoyed the Trivandrum zoo and the famous fishing harbor of the south. The light house near the conference centre was the biggest attraction. From the balcony of the light-house, we saw ships far in the sea. We returned by train on the 2nd of June.

Three girls from Charis, Betsica, Anusha and Shirisha had appeared for the 10 th class exams and all the three passed. Betsica and Shirisha opted for health workers course for their intermediate and Anusha chose Arts subject as she wants to become a teacher. Christy passed the 2nd year BSW but Rebecca lost one subject for which she has an exam in October. Elizabeth also lost one subject and she appeared for the suplimentary exam in June and she passed the intermediate health worker course. Now she has applied for the General Nursing and Midwifery course.

We thank the committee and the brotherhood for sending the amount of the inheritance fund from which Aaron has already purchased 117 sq.yards of land in Moinabad. We are looking for housing plots for others in and around Moinabad. Due to the Telengana agitation, the land prices are good for the buyer now.

Claudia is steadily improving in her health and she has re-joined her work. All the others are doing well. Prakash and Sunder are in UK, after attending Andrew Galbraith’s wedding spending a few weeks visiting friends and brethren. They will return on 3rd August 2011. We had very poor monsoon this year. We look forward for more rains.

We Thank The Heavenly Father for His Grace & Mercy and the Brotherhood who share their Blessings with us.

YBIC, Mathews.P.Jacob.