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2011 January

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:21 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:28 ]

The months October, November & December had a lot of activities in Moinabad. October had one festival and it is holidays for schools. It is usually during these holidays the regional Bible weeks in Andhra Pradesh are conducted. The two main Hindu holidays are Dassara (October) and Sankranthi (January). The Costal Andhra Bible week was in October and the other part was in January. Both are seasons soon

after harvests. Some of our children attended these Bible weeks. We also had the end of the year truth camp in Moinabad for three days. On the last day, Sheela Dorcas from Dorea was Baptised. Now all the girls are Baptised.

Usually November and December are busy months and this is the time the home has Committee members visiting from Australia. This is an exciting time for children because of the presence of visitors. Visitors also take responsibilities like taking care of sessions for english communication, singing practices, Childrens' Christmas programme, special visits to school etc. From October we had Peter & Julia Gaston on their way to Australia, staying with us until the end of January. Peter being an electrical engineer kindly offered his services as electrical engineer and made an assessment of all the existing electrical wirings and installations and recommended a lot of changes and he personally did the rewiring of the buildings assisted by our boys. He has made diagrams of all the electrical wirings and main connections to keep near the switch boards of each building for future reference.

Julia, assisted by Peter, Sis Sharon & Aunty Jaqui prepared the children for the Christmas programme. The Christmas programme of December was very grand. Julia & Peter also gave a lot of assistance in the daily Bible reading, singing & prayer.

Their musical talents and expertise in musical instruments were utilised to the maximum at the homes. One of the main activities where the visitors contribute a lot is the daily bible reading with the children and all the members of the homes. One of the instructions to the visitors to the homes by our committee chairman is that they should not miss the evening readings with the children.

Bro.Daniel & Sis Becky's visit was very short but during their stay, Sisters Sharon, Becky & Julia held some special evenings for the Girls and Bro Mark & Bro Dan held discussions with the boys. The echoes of the noises of the children of the visiting families along with our own young ones are still heard in the campus which take me and LillyKutty to a different world of sweet memories. I'm sure Aunty Jaqui will have the same experience when she is back in Australia.

Another notable thing implemented,which was the recommendation of the committee is the installing of three solar hot water systems. This suplies hot water for the main three buildings occupied throughout the year. This should cut down the expenses on firewood and electricity in future. One of the concerns the committee raised for the past two years was the roofing of Charis home and the usage of the Charis upstairs hall. An architec was called in and he recomended for a removal of the existing roof with cracks formed in the cement and to put a new R.C.C roof with supportive beams and proper railings above on the borders. It may take two months to complete and the Charis children and staff can use the Supervisor's home to stay. This will be a major work but will make sure of the safety of the building. We are waiting for a final plan and estimate from the builder after considering the recommendations to reduce the cost.

We had felt the need for an assessment of childrens' academic perfomance and met Mr Madhuvudu, special educator & consultant at the Govt. Psychiatric clinic for children. He advised us to take two children at a time to the clinic. This is specially focused to Charis children. They will have their annual examinations during March & April.

The GOD ALMIGHTY is very very gracious to take all of us to the new year. Thanking you, your Brother in the Service, Mathews.P.Jacob.