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2011 April

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:24 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:27 ]

The last three months for the children were of busy preparation days for annual examinations. Among the three girls who appeared for the school final (10th class)examinations had special Mathematics & Science classes arranged. Betsica had special sessions with the special educator Mr. Madhuvudu at his office. Two months prior to her examinations. Anusha & Shirisha hope to get a good pass. They had examinations in March, 2011.

Christy & Rebecca had their 2nd year degree examinations in April. After the examination, Christy as a part of his practical studies is doing a documentary on the beggars on the streets of Hyderabad. Along with it, he is attending a first aid course conducted by the St. John’s Ambulance. He is planning to visit the tribal development project of the World Vision India where Mr. Job is the Manager.

Rebecca is teaching in the Christadelphian Bible School at Shunem home. Sheena continues her Cardiology course which will finish in September, 2011. Elizabeth also had her 2nd year Nursing Certificate course

examinations in April and she joined the Fernandez maternity hospital in Hyderabad City for practical training, where Abigail & Beulah are working.

Benjamin & Stephen joined a big printing establishment in Hyderabad for work. They are working in two different units. They travel daily from home.

Claudia rejoined her work at the general Hospital. Her health condition is progressing well .

Results of Charis home school goers’ annual examinations were published. Ruth, Hanna, Peter & Benhur have passed, and the results of Joanna & Susanna are pending. The 10th class public examination results will be published in May. Betsica, Shirisha & Anusha are waiting for their results.

The first transfer of the Childrens’ Inheritance fund has arrived and the 2nd will do in a couple of days; the distribution of inheritance for the first 6 boys will be realised in two or three week’s time. This will encourage them to be more independent in their lives.

The present room temperature is 34C , and so the days are moderately hot. The new emergency power supply systems are working well and supports power supply for average 6 hours when the power fails. This

enables the fans & air coolers to work & minimise the summer effect. Special thanks to all the contributors of the inverters. Among the physical environment, the leakage in the Dorea prayer hall and the visitors’ quarters are the first priority and the second is the Charis roof strengthening. The tamarind trees gave very rich yield this year (Tamarind is an important ingredient in South Indian food). The land beside our playground was used as a kitchen garden
and produced a few vegetables(Tomatoes, Brinjal, Long beans & Coriander).

We haven't planned anything for the holiday trips this summer. The main reason being most of the girls are working and studying. We don’t them to be left alone. We may arrange some picnics & excursions for a couple of days.

May the Heavenly Father Bless us and keep us in His safety for the Glory of His Name.

Your Brother In Christ, Mathews.P.Jacob.