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2010 October

posted 1 Jul 2016, 21:17 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 1 Jul 2016, 21:28 ]

Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters.

The monsoon this year compensated to a large extend, the lack of rains for the last few years. After about 15 years, we saw the reservoirs full and the flood gates opened. Of course the costal and low lying areas of all the southern states had floods. The rains still continue in isolated parts of the state. The bore wells which were dried up started yielding water. And it seems the water situation will be favourable this whole year for us.

Last academic year witnessed a lot of disturbance due to some political agitations demanding separate statehood for Hyderabad and surrounding districts. Specially the universities in Hyderabad were badly affected. But this academic year started in June peacefully and it continues the same. Br Solomon Sunder joined anew job in a newly opened hotel. Sis Beulah and Sis Abigail joined a multi-speciality hospital as nurses and it is right in Hyderabad city close to our meeting room.

The three girls, Anusha, Shirisha and Betsica of Charis home are in 10th class and special arrangements for home tuitions are made for them. Along with that we have Bro Peter and Sis Julia (nee Thompson) Gaston from U.K now to help in Mathematics and English. Peter is also assessing the electrical wirings and installations in all the buildings and he is making a report on them. Veena Samson is helping in the home work for other children giving special emphasis on Hindi and Telugu languages.

Sis Claudia is undergoing a special treatment by a Doctor in Bangalore and for the last one and a half months, her general health has improved a lot. She is still progressing. In the meantime, she and Sis Beulah had requested for Baptism

and the Baptisms took place on the 9th of September 2010. Sis Claudia is able to go for the meeting in Hyderabad once a month. As Sis Beulah works close to the meeting place, she can attend meetings every Sunday. Bro Peter is checking the leakage of the buildings and hope he will come up with
suggestions soon. This is going to cost us some additional amount of money this year. The school bus and the Quails Jeep also is going for some major engine work which will cost us additional amount.

December as usual is going to be a very busy time with some visitors and end of the year programmes. We had visits by Bro. Greg Neil and Sis Nicci from Adelaide, Australia and by Bro Karam and Sis Christy of UK.

The Physical needs are the leak-proofing of buildings and repair of compound walls on two sides. We express our gratitude to all the Brothers and Sisters who support this special ministry. Yours in the Service, Bro Mathews and Sis LillyKutty