March 2018 Update

posted 6 Apr 2018, 21:26 by Simon Morgan

Moinabad Children's Home has ceased operations.

Please see Home and A New Chapter Begins for more information.

CICH Quarterly Report - October 2017 - January 2018

posted 4 Feb 2018, 01:43 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 4 Feb 2018, 02:20 ]

Sadly our report begins with the news that dear Salome Grace has died at the age of 32 years old on Wednesday 31st of January 2018.  Salome grew up in the home, was married and leaves behind two children aged 8 months and 3 years old.  Dealing with the circumstances surrounding Salome's death and ensuring appropriate arrangements are made for her surviving children is traumatic for everyone connected with the home.  At this most difficult time, please join the CICH committee, the Shaftesbury Road ecclesia and many others who are praying for God's blessing on our dear Moinabad family.

Happenings During January Visit

The October to January quarter is always busy at the home, and this year has been no different.  Children participated in end of year activities and an end of year camp was held, culminating in a baptism on New Years' Day and further baptisms at the Bible School mid-January.  Bev & Simon Morgan, of the CICH committee, visited the home from mid January accompanied by Katie Riley (nee Morgan) and Jacqui Gorman.  What follows are a few anecdotes from Bev.

"Katie and I got to bed after midnight after 17 hours in transit. Early the next morning it was straight to the second day of Bible School.  Worshipping Indian style involves a lot of noise!
Often older westerners not used to Indian ways are desperately trying to get amplifiers turned down or sit themselves as far away from speakers as they can. One brother sat there with his fingers in his ears! God knows though what is in their hearts and seen through the right lens, this
 is inspiring.

We met this couple for the first time 2 years ago where we sat with them for over 10 hours sharing and teaching the
gospel of Christ. Now both have returned to Bible school with a new little addition, as fellow believers.

The most exciting thing about returning to India, is seeing the growth of the children we have committed ourselves to nurturing. The older family, over the past few years have been growing in maturity and choosing their life's partners. It's amazing to watch boys who have struggled through their 20s finding beautiful girls, both Christadelphian and other Christians. Interestingly though, the girls themselves have been so influenced by the family community that their attendance at the meeting, with their new husbands, has been inspiring. I am in awe of  a couple of the girls, who have managed to put together a contingent of 'sister-in-laws' to head down to sisters' conference in Bangalore at the end of the month. There are so many ways to preach. Showing Christ's love and compassion to another human being could well be one of the most effective.

Children all over the world seem to master technology quicker than I do. This little one knows exactly what he's doing with a mobile. Very impressed with his dress sense.
We saw quite a few impeccable outfits over the course of the Bible School.

On our last lunch in Hyderabad, Christy, one of the children who is a Social Worker, took us to a restaurant he was instrumental in setting up, where all the waiters are blind. You have to leave anything that could potentially reflect light in a locker. Then you have a 45 min sensory experience in complete blackness with a blind guide where there is only sound,
smell and touch. Katie scored 10 runs in cricket. The ball had a rattle in it! Then we all ate our dinner again served by blind people. In the dark! Not even a suggestion of light. A truly incredible experience. There is an all deaf restaurant in Mumbai."

A New Chapter Begins

In September 2017, the Indian government imposed new rules and regulations for the operation of children's homes in India that had effect from 1st December 2017.  CICWS reviewed these new rules and regulations and concluded that it was impractical to continue operating the children's home and made appropriate arrangements for the six children aged 13 to 17 years old who could not legally make their own choice about where to live.  By choosing not to register as a children's home by 30th November CICWS indicated to the Indian government that they would no longer be operating the Moinabad facility as a children's home.  Subsequent to this date a government inspector visited the site to confirm that it had in fact ceased operations.

The CICH committee in Australia has been working very closely with the CICWS committee in India to plan future operations.  Once finalised, these plans will be communicated to all individual and ecclesial supporters.  CICH and CICWS committees are praying for God's guidance as we consider the best use of resources that have been entrusted to us by the worldwide Christadelphian community.  It is expected that future plans will be communicated within the next 8 weeks.

Please pray for the Moinabad family as they continue to serve God in India.

January, 2018

posted 22 Jan 2018, 20:26 by Simon Morgan

In my most recent visit to Moinabad, I have been so impressed by the way our teenagers are maturing. Ben-Hur (aged 18) and Peter (aged 17) have really stepped up to take on responsibilities in the ecclesia. 

Ben-Hur plays the guitar and makes a very valuable contribution to the music in Sunday School, CYC and the memorial meeting. 

Peter is a serving brother and prays, reads the bible and chairs for the memorial meeting. He is very willing to step in at short notice to fill in for someone who is absent.

- Written by Jacqui Gorman

Quarterly Report - Nov 2017

posted 12 Nov 2017, 13:04 by Simon Morgan

Dear Brothers and sisters,
After a long wait, there came blessing of rains last month. Most of the agricultural fields in Telangana received good rains and the farming lands had a revival. At home in Moinabad, the water situation has improved both in our campus and outside in the village, drinking water is available from the bore-wells.

Stephen's wedding went well and Stephen and Shalini are staying in a rented accommodation near Carol and Diana.  Stephen is working at the same printing press and Shalini is trying for a job. Back at home, now we have only 3 children, Latha, Pranavi and Aakash, going to the local school.  Ruth, Hannah, Pooja, Peter and Benhur are in junior colleges in city. They are doing well. Beulah obtained a permission from her hospital to do a Post Graguate in Nursing and she is planning to join M.Sc Nursing while she is working.

Sheela is getting married on the 29th of November and Sheena on the 30th of Nov.2017. Both marriages are to be in Kerala to grooms from that state. We specially thank the brotherhood for years of support and help
to bring them up at the home and now as they are entering family life, we request for your kind prayers for them. 

Myself and two representatives from Shunem home attended a meeting convened by the women and Child Welfare Department of the Government of Telangana recently and the officers explained the new rules and regulations for running a child care facility in the State of Telangana. There were about 80 representatives from various non-government organisations who operate homes for poor children. We are studying the Government conditions and rules in detail to see whether we are able to run the homes in a Christian atmosphere with Christian education as a part of the home activities. Anyway the existing children will be
cared for and be supported to complete their education in the next few years.

Once again we Thank the brotherhood and the Sydney committee for the support and prayers for the Moinabad families and the children.

Your Brother In Christ, Mathews. 

The two little ones in the picture are Liana Carol & Abisha Aaron.​

Prakash has been Found!

posted 22 Aug 2017, 23:12 by Simon Morgan

From: Mathews Jacob <>
Subject: Re: Prakash
Date: 23 August 2017 at 1:57:00 pm AEST
To: Simon Morgan <>
Cc: tim <>

Dear Bro.Simon & All,
Praise to GOD Almighty.

Yesterday (22-08-017) the owner of the tent hiring service in Moinabad happened to go near Niloufer Childrens' Hospital in Hyderabad. He saw Prakash sitting on the roadside. He had Prakash's phone number as we used to hire his Shamiyana for our functions. Immediately he informed Prakash. Ravi (Shunem) and Prakash were already in Hyderabad on official duties. They rushed to the spot. In the meantime , the tent man had provided some drinking water and snacks to Prakash. When Ravi held his hand to lift him up, first he refused. When Ravi and Prakash offered tea, he immediately got up and had tea at a nearby shop and asked for juice. 

In the picture he is seen sitting on the roadside with a towel on his lap. There were two small liquor bottles near where he sat. He had 20 rupees and a train ticket in his pocket. The train ticket was taken from
Vikarabad station, which is 48 kms from Moinabad. But the train goes to Hyderabad and the spot where he was sitting was near the Railway station. He had a railway catering man's uniform shirt and two over coats on it and had clean shave a day before. By the way he sat on the roadside, I suspect whether he was begging. Ravi and Prakash informed us immediately and we prepared a special lunch for all gathered at home (Christy, Samson & Veena, Prakash& Ravi, Pastor neighbour etc) at our rented place. The first thing he asked Lillykutty was food.
Any way she gave him a hot water bath and then we all had lunch together and then followed by a thanksgiving prayer lead by our neighbour Pastor who also spent several nights driving around with us in search of Prakash. Prakash was healthy and smiling remembering all his adventures. He said he saw films in theatres, had regular meals at festival places, had haircut and shaving all free of cost. It seems he was enjoying his trip for the last three months. 

As soon as he finished his lunch, he wanted to go to Moinabad with Christy on his bike. But we had to take him to the Police to close the missing case. As the inspector was on another duty, we were asked to produce Prakash before him today.  In Moinabad, the Sarpanch and his young friends
informed me that they are waiting to give a reception for Prakash and requested me to inform them as soon as he starts from our residence. By evening Christy took him to Moinabad. Carol suggested to tattoo our home address on his hand for future safe return in case he wants to do a second round after some time. He had lost his glasses so a new one has to be brought. 

We need to think of a new work environment for him with good security.Right now we are about to leave to the Police station to finish the formalities there. May be we can put a thanksgiving ad in the same channel through which we requested for information. 

We were literally on our knees in prayer at least three times a day for the last two weeks for Prakash's return and generally for the future of our children. The GREAT GOD  answered our prayers after three months. We continue to pray for the homes so that we are able to continue the ministry through serving the needy children and we are sure that God will provide the resources as long as he wants this to continue.Special thanks to the tent house operator, Prakash & Ravi for their quick action.  

A few pictures are attached.

Thanks to all our brotherhood for the earnest prayers and supports.

Yours in His service, Mathews.


Quarterly Report August 2017

posted 11 Aug 2017, 18:18 by Simon Morgan

The  summer is over and comparatively  cooler days have arrived  for the relief of Hyderabadis. By God’s grace, we could survive with the latest bore-well during the summer for all our water needs. The monsoon was weak but the bore-well showed improvement in water level.  Now again after a few week’s gap, the rains started. This is a good sign as far as water and land are concerned. Unfortunately, the central government new tax rules has caused  an increase in the prices of food, clothing and other items.  With all these difficulties, our God is so gracious to provide for us in our needs.

We have five junior college students who are all attending colleges in City.  Junior college is equivalent to 11th and 12th year in other country's educational systems.  Two of the older girls who have previously completed tertiary studies, Betsica and Shirisha, have completed their internship and now they are probationary nurses in a corporate hospital. Once they obtain their certificates, they will be absorbed as staff nurses. Anusha is in the second year of a post-graduate degree in social work.
As the rains had arrived Lillykutty, Aaron and Benjamin  have used the backyard for a vegetable garden. The plants are coming up well and we expect a good produce from the garden. In the recent rains, there was a small damage to the stone work near the compound wall behind Charis and now it is being repaired. 
God willing, three marriages are planned towards the end of this year. Stephen in October followed by Sheena and Sheela in November. Sheela and Sheena have to get their inheritance which was promised. Christy has taken a contract Job of the Tata Institute Hyderabad, in giving computer training for rural government school teachers. This gives him an opportunity to visit interior villages and help teachers in setting up computer labs and using them for teaching. As he is appointed in Rangareddy district, he can stay at home and travel around in the district.   
 Very sadly I have to report that Prakash Harry, who grew up in the home, is now 30 years old and has had a history of mental illness, has been missing from the home for  2 months.  We have tried everything to find him and yet he is still not traced in spite of the sleepless nights we spent at places reported to have seen him by our friends. We do not loose heart in  praying for his safe return. May the Lord help us. Kindly continue to pray for Prakash’s return.
Thanking you, yours In the Service, MATHEWS.

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Supporter

posted 17 May 2017, 17:25 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 17 May 2017, 17:27 ]

Whilst speaking to the children in the home over the weekend I mentioned that I had just received a generous donation from a faithful brother in Christ who has supported the Children's home over many years.  

Happy birthday Uncle Eric

What was so special is that brother Eric has just celebrated his 101st birthday!  We feel truely blessed by God to be so supported by Him through the enduring love and commitment of special people just like brother Eric.

The children of the home felt compelled to send through a photo and a short video as a thank you. 

Simon Morgan

Quarterly Report May 2017

posted 11 May 2017, 15:10 by Simon Morgan

The Telangana govt. decided to conduct the annual school examinations in March itself, the children were busy preparing for the examinations. This year, we have only Pooja to appear for the school final( 10th Class) examination. Benhur, Peter, Hanna & Ruth are doing the Intermediate 1st year examination.
 Initially the govt. planned to conduct classes for the next academic year from April but they declined as the summer heat waved between 40 and 42 degrees. The students were advised to remain at home. So all our children are at home for the summer holidays.

The examination reports also were published early this year. Pooja passed the 10 th class, Hanna, Ruth & Peter passed inter 1st year. Benhur lost 4 subjects which he will appear again in June, to continue the second year. Anusha is continuing the Masters in Social work. All other school going children have  passed and promoted to the next class. Betsica and Shirisha are working as probationers in the care hospital in city. 

Among the maintenance work, the Elvira house overhead tank was a priority as it started leaking through the walls of the building which affected the electrical wirings and installations. There were two options 1. To
demolish the brick walls of the tank and replace it with PVC water tank  2. To re-plaster the inner walls of the tank. We opted for the second option and did a plastering of the inner walls and floor of the tank with steel net reinforcement. The office room prayer hall section has the roofing done properly.

Cyril of Dorea had his wedding engagement to a Keralite nurse working in Hyderabad at the Girl’s hometown in Kerala on the 20th of April 2017. The marriage was conducted on 29th April  in Hyderabad. About 60 relatives from Kerala from both sides attended the wedding.

Quarterly Report,February.2017

posted 22 Feb 2017, 22:39 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 22 Feb 2017, 22:54 ]

The end of the year becomes a very busy time for all related to the homes. For children, the quarterly examinations usually should finish before Christmas. Preparations for the Christmas celebrations is another excitement for all. More than all these, the Bible truth camp held at the homes at the end of the year is a big event. The Hyderabad Ecclesia and the homes jointly organise the meetings for brethren
from many Ecclesias in the state and their interested friends. There will be a main Bible talk and first principle classes for contacts during the three days of the camp. This is also a great opportunity for the youngsters to meet together and enjoy Christadelphian Youth activities.

This year, we missed our overseas visitors to the homes, but our Dorea home young people raised to the situation and prepared the children for a beautiful Christmas programme on the 23rd of December. They presented a play "JESUS OUR SUPER HERO". Afterward dinner was served for the children and our friends from the village. On 18th of Dec. the Dorea members hoisted a special family lunch for both Dorea ans Charis where Bro. Tim and Sis. Sarah Galbraith were special guests.

The youngsters also took initiative in looking after the truth camp from 29th Dec. 2016 to the 1st of Jan.2017. On the 31st night we had a mid night meditation and prayer to mark the beginning of the New year. As the
1st Jan. was Sunday, the Ecclesial memorial meeting was held in Moinabad after 8 baptisms of young people. Susanna from Moinabad homes was baptised on this occasion and was received into fellowship.

The Moinabad homes has stood as a mark of Christadelphian identity in the village all these years with the support of Brethren worldwide through the CICH Committee in Sydney. Now we are happy to see the young people come forward to show interest in continuing the services.

The demonetisation of large IR bank notes imposed by the Govt. of India had restricted cash transactions through the banks for a few months. As our Home account could not hold a card, we had to do transactions through personal debit cards for some time. By the Grace of God we were able to manage the
expenses of the homes during the period. Now the Government is relaxing the rules gradually. In any circumstances, our comfort is that "The Most High rules over the kingdoms of men".

Myself, Lillykutty, Prakash and Sahaya with a few children paid a visit to Claudia and Suman in January.

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers for the continuance of this great ministry.

Yours in the service of The Lord, Mathews P Jacob.

Quarterly Report - November 2016

posted 6 Nov 2016, 12:24 by Simon Morgan

After the long wait, the monsoon arrived in August and continued for a month. The agricultural fields around which were barren for a couple of years woke up with new greenery and the farmers’ presence. Many deep bore-wells began to fill and yield water. The water supply tanker trucks began to disappear from the streets. After a long drought, Telangana soil has a new life now.

At the homes, our old bore-wells began to yield water. The rain water harvest pits did
its job very well. The main bore-well gives good pressure to fill the overhead tanks. Some parts of the old compound wall were partly damaged due to heavy downpour for a couple of days. The one which faces the village road was repaired immediately. Others are being attended according to priority.

Now all the school going children are in Loyola High school in the Village, walk-able distance from the homes so transport is not a worry at all. Those who have completed the high school use the public transport to go to the city institutions. Betsica and Shirisha are doing their General Nursing final examinations which will finish in a few days and they will join a six months intern-ship at the hospital which runs the nursing school. With the completion of the intern-ship, they will graduate as general nurses eligible to work in a hospital. Joanna and Susanna have joined for a Cardiac technician course at the Care Institute of Medical Studies in Hyderabad. It is a two year course conducted in the hospital which will enable them to work as assistants to doctors in Hospitals and Medical diagnostic centres. They and the Junior college students (Benhur, Hannah, Ruth and Peter) travel daily from Moinabad to Hyderabad by public Bus. Anusha has started a post graduate course in Social work which started in August. Sunitha who was doing her Post Graduate degree in Nursing is completing her examinations next week. She will re-join her work after the examinations. 

In September, we had a staff training programme on Child protection policies conducted by Miss Tanya Lamba, a research scholar from The Tata Institute of social sciences, Mumbai.  
All the staff of Moinabad homes and Shunem home attended the training.

Recently Abigail Clara, who was one among the twenty in the Dorea home, visited the home with her husband and her daughter. She is working in Israel as a home nurse at a nursing home. Rebecca and her husband too make phone calls at times. All the married children of the Dorea home had a gathering with their children in Moinabad recently. As they consider Dorea home as their Family home, they are planning for another gathering during December 2016. We are looking forward to see all our children and grandchildren together on that occasion. 

All these are made possible by the GRACE OF OUR GOD and the generous contributions and encouragement of our brethren around the world. We Thank our Heavenly Father and all his loving Children, our brethren for supporting us in this ministry.

Your Brother In Christ, Mathews. 

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