Recent Indian government regulation changes, applicable to all children's homes, and the inability to admit new children to the home, means that it is not possible for the Moinabad Children's Home to continue operating.  The not-for-profit organisation registered with the Indian government, the Christadelphian Indian Children's Welfare Society (CICWS India), decided to cease operating the Moinabad facility as a children's home on the 30th of November 2017.  Indian government inspectors visited the Moinabad compound in December to confirm that it had ceased operations. 

For 35 years the Moinabad Children's Home in India has been generously supported by the worldwide Christadelphian community by prayer, visits and financial donations.  Donations have been collected by the Christadelphian Indian Children's Home committee in Australia (CICH Sydney) and then transferred to the CICWS India.

The situation now in March 2018 is that the Moinabad Children's Home has ceased operations, has no children under 18 living at the compound and does not expect to resume operations.

The Children's Home has benefited significantly from generous brothers and sisters who have named the Home in their will (or estate).  After they had passed away, the executors of the will gave the money allocated in the estate to the Home.  If anyone currently has the Home nominated as a beneficiary in their estate, they should update their will so that funds are directed to another worthy cause.  CICH Sydney recommends considering the Shunem Home ( in India. This home is located near the Moinabad Children's Home and has similar goals. 

Over the last 35 years, the Moinabad Children's Home has seen many children come and go.  The legacy of the Moinabad Children's Home is the wonderful opportunities given to these children to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually, and to be confident, independent, contributing members of their local communities and ecclesias.

The love and tangible financial support provided by the worldwide Christadelphian community, the many years of care given by Elvira, Mathews, Lily, Prakash and Sahaya has, by God's grace, been multiplied and magnified through the children of the home to their husbands, wives, children, friends, local communities and ecclesias.

It is hoped that CICWS India will be able to continue with other welfare programs that make use of its assets.  Tentative plans are to use the buildings for other welfare projects, and it is also expected that the compound will be used two or three times a year for Christadelphian Bible Study and Preaching activities.  When these plans eventuate,  separate fund raising committees will likely be formed to support them.

And so, as the Moinabad Children's Home has ceased operations and is financially self sufficient, the CICH Sydney committee is also ceasing operations.  Any outstanding action required will be taken by the Shaftesbury Road Ecclesia.  It is with a deep sense of pride in the independence achieved by the children and the independence of the India CICWS committee as well, we wind up our own activity.